At Liberty Church, we believe the traditional doctrines of evangelical Christianity. Here is an overview of our most important beliefs. For Liberty Church’s complete doctrinal statement click here.

1. The Bible is the Word of Godevangelical Christianity

At the core of the Christian faith is the belief that the Bible is God’s perfect, infallible Word. This means that the Bible is perfect, without error in all that it affirms. We look to the Bible as scripture, meaning that we base our lives and doctrine on what it teaches. The Bible is God’s revelation of His own character to mankind

2. Trinity

God is a Trinity: He is three persons, of one essence or substance. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are each “persons” with their own personality, but they are of the same substance, and are one with each other. They are intertwined in a way that humans are incapable of fully understanding.

3. The Deity and Humanity of Christ

Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man in his life on earth. This concept is known to theologians as the “Hypostatic Union.” Simply put, we believe that Jesus was both fully God and fully man, and that His deity–that is, His “God-ness”–was His before time began. He is the infinite, almighty God.

4. The Substitutionary Death and Bodily Resurrection of Christ

Jesus Christ died as the substitute sacrifice for our sins. Because sin brings death as its proper punishment, Christ had to die to bear our sins, to atone for our wrongdoing before God. After three days, He rose again, demonstrating His eternal mastery of sin and death.

5. The Gospel is Available to Everyone

The Gospel is the “good news” of salvation. Although all of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s perfect standard, by confessing our sins and believing in Jesus’s death and resurrection, we can have eternal life and be saved from the wrath of God. Ask us today if you would like to discuss God’s perfect gift of salvation!