Liberty Church is congregation of worshipers committed to a joyous Christ-centered expression and experience of orthodox biblical Christianity.

At Liberty, the goal of making disciples, equipping believers to faithfully follow Jesus and the practical ministries that are part of loving and strengthening the congregation are vital for our vision of being “good news people”. Worshipers gather each Sunday to give glory to God in praise and adoration of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Worship as an expression  of our gratitude to God for His gift of salvation by faith, through the his grace in Jesus Christ is our highest priority. We believe that life-giving principles that touch each area of life, including our families, friendships, vocation, community and recreational goals are part of the the joy Jesus intended when the “new wine” of the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the earliest worshiping community in the 2nd chapter of Acts.

Anchored in the truths of Christianity, Liberty Church seeks to be an “oasis of worship and the Word” in which followers of Jesus grow in grace as we learn how to live faithfully and freely for the glory of God.  We believe the new birth (regeneration) through faith in the risen Lord Jesus is a gracious work of the God that occurs as an individual hears, receives and responds in repentance and faith to the good news of Jesus’ Incarnation, sinless life, atoning death, resurrection and ascension.

Aiming to bring the warmhearted compassion of our Lord and Savior into all of our pursuits in home, neighborhood, workplace, community and mission, the Liberty family welcomes you to join us!

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Liberty’s Leadership Team

The congregation of Liberty Church is well-served by leaders who share responsibilities for governance in administrative, fiduciary, pastoral advisory and facilities management.

These leaders share oversight responsibilities in support of our goal to see all believers carry out the mission of living freely, faithfully and fully as followers of our risen Lord.  Their tasks in concert with the senior Pastor are always aimed at empowering and equipping others for faithful living and service to Jesus for the glory of God.

The Board shares a vision for leadership growth at Liberty to be based in the servant model Jesus taught in Matthew 20:28, Philippians 2:25-30, I Peter 5:1-7 and Hebrews 13:17. We see these principles as foundational for church leaders and members alike to be committed to what is best for the edifying of the Body of Christ.

We believe in a fully accountable and transparent model of church leadership.  Together, Liberty’s leaders’ aim is for a healthy congregational climate that is consistent with historic orthodox, biblical Christianity.

We’re grateful for Charles Blevins, Louis Enoff, Joseph Gorman and David Berry who serve with our senior Pastor on Liberty’s Leadership Board.