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With a couple of snow days in one week, I hope you’re all doing well and after snow shoveling or sledding (or both!), that you’re enjoying your Saturday.

We welcome you and your friends to Cafe Liberty and Worship together tomorrow.

Each Sunday this gathering time helps friends re-connect and encourage one another while warmly welcoming guests. If you haven’t participated lately, stop in tomorrow in the half hour from 9:45 to 10:15 AM for coffee, tea or juice.

Along with Part 3 of my series on Living “In Sync” With Jesus, we recognize Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 21st.

Defending the right to life for unborn babies and their mothers and celebrating the magnificent gift of life is a calling we share with millions of pro-life followers of Jesus. The truth of life as a sacred gift from God is a fact that has the tiniest human beings in America at heart.

With honor for the infinite dignity of every pre-born infant, it’s also vital to protect those with disabilities, deformities or terminal illnesses.

When the Supreme Court of 1973 ruled that states could no longer protect unborn babies by direct legislation, a war for the hearts and consciences of Americans took center stage. The “Roe vs Wade” decision was a raw and radical reversal of our nation’s founding principle that all human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights….” with the right to life as the premier issue on which all our other “rights” are based. Ripping that right to life away from tiny babies who cannot even speak for themselves was the legal error in “Roe vs Wade”. That error in the judicial system had to be corrected and the fact that it took a half century to finally reverse it shows how crucial it is that we pray and persevere in our fight as champions of life.

Now, in a new legal landscape, that war has entered a new phase. State laws reflect the combined influence of all who participate in elections. The need to get more men and women of integrity who fully understand why the right to life must be protected is urgent. A fight for laws that protect the unborn at every stage of pregnancy can only be taken on by those who know the “why” behind this great cause of life.

It has become crystal clear now that the front line in this war for truth is found in a (usually) very quiet place. That is, in the conversations that occur when an expectant woman faces any type of crisis.

Often the best way for those conversations to lead to life-cherishing victories for women and their little ones is with the aid of a Pregnancy Care Center where life as a priceless GIFT is honored. Staff and volunteers in these centers help women find resources to make motherhood not only their choice but their JOY!

The vital work done by volunteers, doctors, nurses, counselors and caregivers around the nation is under direct assault by governmental agencies and political activists who malign these centers for being a haven for expectant mothers. It has been astonishing to see the vicious attacks upon Pregnancy Center facilities by those who advocate for abortion-on-demand. These assaults on Pregnancy centers since the US Supreme Court passed the Dobbs decision are clear proof that celebrating the sanctity of life is more urgent than ever.

For this and other reasons, our church stands resolutely with two Pregnancy Care Centers in our area:
1) Alpha Pregnancy Care Center (in Reisterstown)
2) Pregnancy Support Center of Carroll County (in Westminster).

Both of these centers have a proven track record of giving women in all types of crisis situations the resources they need to successfully navigate obstacles for the protection of themselves and their little ones.

The sonogram technology and professional care along with maternity and newborn supplies helps moms enjoy each phase of their experience with support when it is most needed. You’ll have an opportunity to contribute tomorrow and we welcome extra offerings any time as a designated gift. (With use of a church envelope write “Pregnancy centers” on the blank line labelled “Missions” or you can so designate that portion of your contribution on a check).

The term “pro-life” is not a political phrase but a simple one-word description of all who recognize there is no more precious gem on the face of the earth than a human being. To truly be pro-life is a basic act of honor to Almighty God, the Creator to whom every human being owes his or her next breath.

All we celebrate about the Gospel of Jesus is proof of God’s infinitely wise LOVE for human beings. His love is accessible to all and is at the core of what makes the human experience infinitely valuable.

As we worship together each Sunday, our connection with each of you who view via Live Stream is truly a blessing. Here are the links to finding Liberty Church online easily:

View the service live online

Listen to past services

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.
Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD God is an everlasting rock.”
(Isaiah 26:3-4 ESV)

In His love,
Pastor Joe

Liberty Church
P.O. Box 295
Westminster MD 21158


Office: 410.857.4313
Pastor’s cell: 410.596.4096

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