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The start of Daylight Savings Time, as clocks change in the wee hours of Sunday morning, is always welcome in my world, even if it means “losing an hour”. I’m glad most of our clocks, phones and watches set automatically too, but for the stray analogue device, the ritual continues 🙂 For tomorrow, though, it’s another good reason to get one of those Cafe Liberty cups of coffee between 9:45 and 10:15 AM. Hope you can join us. We look forward to these times to re-connect as we gather for Worship @ 10:15 AM.

Life-empowering Prescriptions

Prescriptions are supposed to be written by doctors. Yes, we understand that. But there are certain prescriptions that far surpass the best that any medical professional can offer. They’re concise, clear and consistently dependable. Many of these arise from unlikely sources.

Take a fisherman, as an example:

A 1st century fisherman, who had walked away from his own thriving business on the Sea of Galilee, wrote this prescription after three decades of following Jesus:

“Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.” (I Peter 5:7)

It’s magnificent mental medicine, so effective and expansive that it works as brilliantly in 2024 as it did 20 centuries ago.

As a faithful witness of the One whose quiet words stilled raging storms, and whose gentle touch opened the eyes of the blind, Peter surely stood in amazement at the power that Jesus displayed. Seeing the Savior alive after his brutal crucifixion and watching His ascent to the right hand of God sealed the certainty in Peter’s soul that Jesus could be fully trusted.

But in the following decades, Peter faced countless hardships, persecution, opposition and danger. His leadership of Christian communities in Rome required maximum tenacity. Test after test confronted Peter as an apostle-on-the-go.

Hatred for the Christ-followers sprang up time and time again, as their deep loyalty to Jesus came into conflict with increasing demands in Rome to bow to the emperor and see him as their “Lord”. All new followers of Jesus faced similar troubles as those that Peter had endured. Although Peter’s quill pen was dipped in an ink bottle, he could just as well have dipped it in his own blood, sweat and tears.

Yet, before the ink-stained parchment was rolled into a scroll and circulated in the churches, Peter had proven the prescription true. He knew so well how anxiety can creep in and cramp anyone’s mind with energy-draining questions like “Why this?” and “Why now?” or “What will we do about ________________?”

Worry works like a web-spinning spider entangling the mind with its “What if’s”.

In his Epistle dubbed “First Peter” the seasoned storm-tested servant of Jesus set the tempo for care-free living in the best sense of the word. With huge obstacles of opposition to Christianity in his culture, Peter navigated a path in light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tough times. Persecution. Angry idol-makers. Cultural controversies. Physical dangers. In all those things and many more, Peter learned to bring anxious worries directly to the Father’s Throne of Grace. “Cast” these “cares” he said, on the One who cares for you with infinite wisdom.

Most prescriptions from a pharmacy have an expiration date or can only be refilled after further review by a doctor. That’s what makes Peter’s prescription so amazing. It’s timeless! Just as potent now after 20 centuries of use. Yes, I Peter 5:7 is a key to healthy living in 2024. There was no doubt for Peter then, just as there should be no doubt now, that the true “author”, indeed the Great Physician, is none other than our victorious Savior Himself.

And best of all, He doesn’t scribble His prescriptions as many doctors do! It’s legible. Designed to be read. Simple to apply. Effective in every generation.

Step into God’s “pharmacy” with a prescription slip in hand that says: “Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for YOU.”  You don’t even have to submit it to your insurance provider! It’s already 100% approved.

This week….

Tuesday, March 12th @ 6:30 PM Men’s Fellowship meal and Bible Study Session 3 in our 6-week Genesis series. We’re repeating a sign-up sheet each Sunday for the Tues evening meal. See clipboard on Connections Table (or reply to this email). Such a great meal and rich study/discussion that you can join any of these Tuesdays. Guests welcome!

Looking ahead….

Sunday, March 17th @11:45 AM Liberty Ladies Ministry invites you to a sprinkle celebration for Linsey Hill and her little one. Details in the Evite email to RSVP for this blessed time together!

Please note Easter season dates for our regular services (and Good Friday evening):

  • Palm Sunday – March 24th ~ Cafe Liberty @ 9:45 AM and Worship @ 10:15 AM
  • Good Friday – March 29th @ 7:00 PM in remembrance and recognition of the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus ~ Join us!
  • Easter Sunday – Resurrection of Jesus Celebration on Sunday, March 31st ~ Cafe Liberty @ 9:45 AM and Worship @ 10:15 AM

Christian Farmers Outreach Annual Spring Luncheon ~ Saturday, April 6th @ 12:00 Noon. Magazines and flyers on Connections Table: For online info on tickets and directions see or email:

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“Let those who fear the LORD say:
‘His mercy endures forever.”
(Psalm 118:4)

In His love,
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