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A good laugh is one of life’s sweetest gifts. Laughter lightens our load. It illuminates the landscape of life with a bright glow.

Among the keen insights we get from the world’s greatest collection of wise sayings, the book of Proverbs, is this gem from the 17th chapter:

“A merry heart does good – like a medicine; but a broken spirit dries the bones.”

On one level, we are all facing changes of many types – some of which test our patience and threaten to tax our peace of mind.

We’re surrounded by sources of stress. The natural drift of the human mind is toward negativity – so we’re tempted to sink into dark pools of discouragement when the sheer volume of decisions, duties and details feel overwhelming.

And yet, Christ-followers find virtues and values in Scripture that are constantly alive and active. A lively sense of humor is one of the virtues, maybe among the least recognized. A good laugh seems so natural, we may miss how awesome it is that God designed us, mentally and emotionally, to laugh!

When Scripture calls a merry heart a type of “medicine”, it aims our attention at another awesome attribute of God. He is gracious in making laughter available to everyone. Wow. Theologians call that “common grace” because it’s part of the panoply of blessings Jesus referred to when He explained that “Your heavenly Father causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain for the unrighteous as well as for the righteous.” (Matthew 6:45)

A gift that’s so essential for staying healthy is within reach of every human being, and yet so few realize what laughter reveals about us. Ironically, we’re seriously in need of a perspective on life that steps away from being too “serious”.

Grim faces, furrowed brows and inner fears are often lurking around the edges of a difficult day. It can feel, at times, like nothing could possibly be truly funny again. Some disappointments in life run so deep that it’s easy to draw conclusions that are way too hasty.

But laughter comes bouncing into our souls unexpectedly! Some oddly hilarious story, a clipping or a meme that lifts the heart with a burst of funny or, even better, sharing an experience with someone you love that brings a burst of laughter into the mundane exchanges of life. The timeless proverb about medicine for our souls has way over 1001 applications. When was the last time we just gave thanks to God for the gift of a good laugh?

Whatever else may be pressing in for attention in your life right now, remember that a good laugh is from the same Designer who calls us to worship together. Savor the gifts He sends us and share them at every opportunity.

Updates/special gatherings

Over these busy weeks in such a beautiful season, we know there is a lot to juggle. Our goal in each gathering or special emphasis is for families, kids, singles, seniors and guests of all ages to be blessed by authentic, Christ-centered care and fellowship.

  1. October 10th ~ Tues at 6:30 PM – Men’s Bible Study group – join us for an Italian meal at 6:30 PM and study/discussion @ 7:00 PM. Welcome to all guys and guests! Text a note to me @ 410.596.4096 if you plan to attend or reply to this email.
  2. October 18th Saturday at 9:00 AM – Love-in-action Breakfast for Ladies! Reply with an RSVP in Evite (email invitation) or feel free to email us at and we’ll be sure ladies’ leaders get your “yes”! ☺️
  3. Operation Christmas Child is an opportunity we share for blessing children in many parts of the world with a gift box at Christmas. We’re delighted to participate as a team with other congregations in Carroll County and so appreciate Hannah Eberly coordinating Liberty’s part in this year’s OCC outreach. One way to participate is to contribute for the Kids Mission Sunday (Oct 29th) with an offering toward purchasing supplies. On 10/29/23 the Kids will be packing shoeboxes and/or cartons for Operation Christmas Child. Your gift in any amount is a way to join this team effort. Simply give via check with a note for OCC or, if by cash, pick up an offering envelope on the Connections table. Also, online offerings can be made anytime, 24/7, via our Giving page.
  4. Updated time Gratitude Dinner – November 4th ~ 5:00 PM 
    Plan to join us for this special Saturday evening fellowship dinner on November 4th . Sign-up sheet on the Connections table helps our Coordinators plan for seating and the meal. Invite friends!
    Welcome to all!
  5. Ladies Ministry Breakfast event – November 18th @ 9:00 AM
  6. Communion Sunday – November 19th ~ Our next congregational communion is on Sunday, November 19th during morning worship (10:15 AM)

Thanks to all our friends who link up with Liberty via the livestream at 10:15 AM on Sundays or at other times in your schedule(s):

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“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us,

and establish the work of our hands for us…”

(Psalm 90:17)

In His love,
Pastor Joe

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