Dear Liberty family & friends

“Renewal” is a good way to describe the impact of the last couple of weeks of travel and exploring that Becky and I so enjoyed. It’s with deep thanks to each of you whose care and support for your church is so beautifully expressed. Along with so many other blessings, which would fill pages if I expressed it all, the joy of hearing and receiving from God from Justin’s message was priceless to us.

We deeply appreciate all that Justin and Ruth did to support our need to travel, and each of you whose faithful service uplifts others in our shared vision for Kingdom life through Liberty Church.

A key part of that Kingdom life is the “koinonia” principle – part of the “heartbeat” I shared on September 10th. Tomorrow’s Ladies’ Luncheon is a prime example of this part of our vision. I see this repeatedly, including in our travels, that the best things in life are often found in “seed form”.

We make a mistake if we overlook the small opportunities, the simple pleasures, the “saplings” of new life that God plants around us. Wonderful new discoveries emerge for those who have a heart to start small.

Jesus said it in the most memorable way, “If you have faith as tiny as a mustard seed….” He modeled that kind of faith each time He gathered children around to bless and listen to them. He demonstrated it by beckoning Peter to walk on the water with no other assurance than a “word” from His master. He inspired mustard seed faith when he allowed a despised tax collector named Zachaeus to be the host of a sinners-and-friends dinner with disciples in tow to learn what it means to see the value in each individual soul.

The amazing thing is in each phase of life, God sends us new tiny “saplings” to water and care for, including new friendships that spring out of the seeds of kindness that may have been sown years earlier. It’s fascinating to see how “seed-faith” is woven into so many areas of life.

Steps of faith to cultivate quality time together for ladies are so timely in this fall season. Welcome ladies to the launch of Ladies ministry tomorrow that we know will be richly blessed. Many thanks to Diane Berry and Marsha Nusbaum for all the preparations and to each of the friends who assist.

Our next single-evening Men’s Bible Study Group will be on Tuesday, October 10th , with a meal at 6:30 PM and a Bible study/discussion group at 7:00 PM. For these gatherings, email reply to me here or text me @ 410.596.4096 to link up with us for the meal and meeting.

Operation Christmas Child is on the way as well! We look forward to participating again with friends from other congregations in Carroll County. This program is designed for anyone to participate in the goal of blessing tens of thousands of children with supplies and surprises that bring the love of Christ to them in an unforgettable way! What a joy it is to join this endeavor of thousands of believers, committed to blessing children just in time for Christmas.

Mission Sunday ~ On Sunday, October 22nd, we’ll celebrate the unique contribution of career missionaries in tough and often hostile parts of the world. The heart of the Great Commission is to make disciples in all the nations and the “GO!” part is where career missionaries blaze trails for others to follow. Pray for all the missionaries you know and join us in honoring their work for God’s glory. We’ll also have latest news from Challenge Farm with updates on the sponsorship needs there, as we pray for all those Challenge Farm staff whose service in rescuing, strengthening, blessing and training of students from many harsh environments in Nairobi, Kenya is making such a difference.

A warm welcome also to all who join us with live stream as we worship on Sundays at 10:15 AM or at other times you choose.

Due to the good work that the media/tech team does, these services are available 24/7 for your convenience. It’s a joy for us to know you join us (anytime) so please let us know either via a Facebook comment or email as we pray each week for all who link up with us from a distance.

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“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God
and to the steadfast endurance of Christ.”
(2 Thessalonians 3:5)

In His love,
Pastor Joe

Liberty Church
P.O. Box 295
Westminster MD 21158
Office: 410.857.4313
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