Greetings Liberty family & friends

We invite you to worship tomorrow as we share in so many of God’s choice gifts in life. The best of all news is the birth of little ones, so Becky and I are excited to announce the birth of little Simon David Ready at 7lbs and 12.5 ounces yesterday in Reading PA, the 2nd son of Joel and Lena Ready.
The little guy arrived a couple weeks earlier than expected which was fine with his mom and joyous for all of us!

The wonderful gift of God in a baby’s birth demonstrates more clearly than anything I can say the abundant goodness of our heavenly Father. In our church life as well as in our families, nothing is more priceless than the lives of little ones for whom we all share responsibility. To raise boys and girls “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” as Ephesians 6:4 tells us, is a calling that stirs our faith and challenges us all to aspire higher for God’s glory.

Another way we want to aspire higher is in the caring connections that are part of a congregation being shaped by the grace of God.

It’s our goal to see every worshiper involved in some way in this walk I often call an “adventure” because it truly continues to change and to challenge us. That’s the walk we share of engaging in acts of serving, kindness and generosity here in ways that help bring the good news of Jesus to others.

Welcome tomorrow for Café Liberty @ 9:45 AM until Worship @ 10:15 AM

There are three opportunities in the next few weeks – all very simple – aimed at connecting and encouraging others.

On Tuesday, April 18th our next men’s Bible study group begins for a brief 5-week series. Guys are invited on the next five Tuesday evenings to fellowship and a meal at 6:30 PM and our 7:00 PM study in the Word
On Saturday, April 22nd @ 10:00 AM Ladies get-together for a Kids Ministry organizational project and lunch. This meets a significant need both for the Kids Ministry supplies and resources and to share a project and lunch together. An RSVP sheet on Connections Table helps the coordinators plan for this event.
On Sunday, May 7th a refreshments reception after our morning service will be held instead of our coffee/greetings time prior to service. On the 7th of May especially, please plan to stay a bit after service to visit and welcome guests among us. We’ll continue our 1st Sunday name tags as well.
Other ideas are in our hearts for connecting and shared serving opportunities in spring and summer.

“How great is Your goodness stored up for those who fear You!” says the Psalmist David in Psalm 31:19. We have seen God’s goodness shining through in many challenges that are always greater than human wisdom. May His empowering grace bring you a fresh awareness of His goodness in every step you take in the week ahead.

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In His love,
Pastor Joe

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