Greetings to you all

With well-soaked soil all across our region today, may this 5th weekend of April also bring refreshing to your souls. In the downpour yesterday, I was reminded of this promise of a far greater rain we can count on: “I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground…” (Isaiah 44:3a) 
What a joy to know that His promise opens an endless supply in the power of the Holy Spirit.
In a torn and troubled world, we see part of our calling in congregational life as being a place of refuge for the wounded, the weary and those who are uncertain about which way to go.
In our series in April, I’ve been inviting you to look into Scripture at the Appearances of the Lord Jesus in His glorified body between Resurrection morning and the Ascension.
One of the treasures of that incredible time was its vivid portrayal of the eternal humanity of the risen Lord. When the Scriptures call us to “cast our cares upon the Lord” (I Peter 5:7) and to bring our requests with gratitude to Him to receive a “peace that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4 :7), it is because in His resurrection Jesus proved that He is that “faithful and merciful high priest” who has been “touched with all the feeling of our infirmities, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:14-15) that we all need.
This truth is so monumental in the Bible that Peter once spoke of the “angels yearning to look into these things”! (I Peter 1:11). That portrayal of angels being on the edge of their seats to learn more about what Jesus has done is an awesome reminder in this sin-scarred world that the truth Jesus gives each of you is priceless.
One of the ways that treasure comes to each of us is in the gift of a listening friend. In a noisy world, the quiet gift of listening well can be amazingly refreshing.
We so appreciate those who serve in our Cafe Liberty welcoming time @ 9:45 AM until Worship @ 10:15 AM. 
Quick reminder for the brothers – our Men’s Bible study group continues on Tues May 2nd, 9th and 16th . Welcome to the meal @ 6:30 PM and our discussion group @ 7:00 PM.
Next week (on Sunday. May 7th) we welcome you to an after-service refreshments time. We hope you can plan to stay for a brief reception time in the Cafe Liberty (lobby) area following our morning service on May 7th. We also continue making 1st Sundays a name-tag Sunday as we enjoy getting better acquainted and reaching out to welcome everyone each week.
For all who link up with us from your homes or workplace at a distance, we are blessed and grateful to welcome you! Here are those links to find Liberty’s Live Stream easily:
Watch the live stream on our Live page
Watch the live stream on Facebook Live:
Listen to the audio of past services on our Past Services page
In His love,
Pastor Joe
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Pastor’s cell: 410.596.4096

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