Greetings Liberty family and friends

Join us tomorrow for Café Liberty greetings and hot beverages from 9:45 AM until Worship @ 10:15 AM.

We so appreciate each of those who prepare Café Liberty for a warm welcome each Sunday. We currently need to add to our Café Liberty team. It’s easy to learn, fun to share and truly a blessing to guests and members. Contact pastor Joe at for a follow-up orientation on how to get involved in this simple, uplifting and vital part of Liberty’s warm welcome to worshipers!

The Ladies Luncheon next Sunday, February 12th is an invitation open to all – and we need your help to spread the word.
“Loving Jesus and Loving One Another”
A delicious meal and fellowship time for ladies at 11:45 AM on the 12th is our first meal event in 2023.
Please RSVP on the sign-up sheet on the Connections Table tomorrow or email Diane Berry at

ARRIVAL of new sanctuary seating

During the week of February 13th – 17th several things are happening for which we need volunteer help. Most of our pews will be removed on Monday, February 13. We’re delighted to donate the pews to Habitat for Humanity and so appreciate their transportation team handling this part of our project.

We also anticipate carpet steam cleaning to be done either on the same day or the following and the new chairs to arrive on Thursday, February 16th.

Due to variables beyond our control, the exact times are still being worked out. What is most likely is that we will need help on February 16th from 3:30 until about 7:30 or 8:00 PM with various tasks involved with unloading, moving, unpackaging and placing our new sanctuary chairs.

So, IF you can help on that afternoon and early evening, email me at or text me at 410.596.4096. Due to the trucking company’s procedures, the timing could change by a day or a few hours.

If the timing turns our differently, we will notify all volunteers immediately and adjust our plans with as many helpers as we can get. If you would like to help but cannot make it on that Thursday afternoon, let us know. We will likely also need a couple of volunteers on Monday afternoon as well as late Thursday afternoon. As long as we know that you want to be involved, we’ll work out the timing and text you on Monday, February 13 with the to confirm when your help is needed.

We love to welcome worshiper and friends who join us online via livestream each Sunday. Your presence, prayers and support are such a joy. We want to expand and encourage connections for prayer and fellowship with anyone who cannot attend in person. Let us know if you need a call for prayer or any other way we can serve you.

Here are the links to connect with Liberty Church “live” or to watch at other times:

One of the powerful blessings we share with the good news of Jesus on our lips is HIS assurance that “I am with you always!” (Matthew 28:19) Count on that today!

In His love,

Pastor Joe

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