Welcome tomorrow for Café Liberty from 9:45 AM until Worship @ 10:15 AM and the Ladies Luncheon immediately following morning service. Bringing friends together to slow the pace a bit and enjoy good food and fellowship is a joy. We’re grateful for Diane Berry’s initiative for tomorrow’s ladies event and for the blessing of some quality time for ladies to share together.

I also want to update everyone on the arrival of the new sanctuary seating. If you’ve already replied to stop by and help on the 16th, thanks so much. IF you have not replied yet but would like to join us, please email us at

Our delivery date of February 16th has been confirmed but the specific driver doesn’t get assigned until Monday. We are aiming for a 4:00 PM delivery time on 2/16/23 and I have been assured the driver will contact me next week to confirm his ETA.

We appreciate each of your offers to help SO much!

I realize that some people may not be able to arrive until after our start-time. Be aware that the truck will block Old Westminster Road and to give us maneuvering room, he’ll probably be aimed southbound past our entrance (essentially adjacent to the cemetery part of our property) so we can access the tailgate and transport chairs (either on pickup trucks and/or on the dollies we bought for this purpose).

IF the truck arrives earlier than his ETA, access to church via Old Westminster northbound will be blocked.

IF you’re arriving after the truck is in place, the only alternate route is to drive to church via either Rolling Ridge Road (from Route 27) west one mile to Old Westminster Road OR via Chapel Road (1 mile north of the church) to Old Westminster Road heading south. EVERYONE is welcome but access via Old Westminster Road will be limited as long as the 18-wheeler is in place. Whether that’s 45 minutes or an hour or so is anyone’s guess.

As I mentioned last week, we’ll need help not only on the off-loading but unpackaging the pallets of chairs on the front porch, moving and placing chairs in rows (per the chart Joe Gorman has prepared for chairs)

We’re so pleased to share this time together – and invite each of you to stay for pizza and sub sandwiches at about 6:15 PM. With the number of volunteers either tentative or confirmed at this point, we should be able to get most tasks done in 3 hours, including a brief break for the meal.

Here are our livestream and podcast links:

Current and past services: Live

Facebook Live:

For any past service, via Spotify or AnchorFM podcasting: Past Services

Finally, we want to thank all whose care and vision in gifts to the Future Fund helped us reach the goal for the new sanctuary seating! This project is the last item we had saved for in the Future Fund and is another superb example of visionary giving and investing over long periods of time. These quiet acts of generosity are superb examples of the seed-faith principle Jesus placed at the heart of stewardship. While we now put a renewed focus on General Fund needs [the most immediate need is increased cash flow within our regular functions] and on our Rainy Day fund (any faith offering to RD Fund is deeply appreciated), we praise God for YOUR generosity expressed in so many ways.

In His love,

Pastor Joe

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