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This 5th weekend of July seems like the hinge of a busy summer as it also starts a jam-packed week of fun for thousands at the 4-H Carroll County Fair at the Farm Museum and Shipley Arena. For the staff and volunteers who do all the prep work, there is no such thing as “lazy days of summer”. This year’s fair marks 126 years since the first 4-H fair of 1897! It’s a legacy of learning that is more vital than ever, with so many opportunities for kids of all ages to gain skills that last a lifetime.

Pray for all those who are participating and for those who serve across the Ag Center grounds during the exciting week ahead. Pray also for Christian Farmers Outreach and other ministries whose presence at the Fair bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others in creative ways.

Join us tomorrow for Cafe Liberty (9:45-10:15 AM) as we greet our guests and welcome one another into Worship as we gather at 10:15 with gratitude to our risen King!

We look forward to your participation in these gatherings as we dig deeper into the stories of ordinary men and women whose lives became vessels of the Holy Spirit in that era often called “the Early Church”.

The words “early” and “church” are capitalized, of course, in many scholarly works because they signal a specific era that shaped the path for all future generations of the redeemed. The description also speaks of a continuation of calling that is more crucial to understand today than ever before.

The provision of God for every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit is powerful. He gave us vivid examples of people who faced incredible obstacles. From the wind and fire of Pentecost into the turmoil and toil of long journeys into mission assignments, a pattern of empowered obedience is painted on canvass after canvass within the stories of the Book of Acts.

Each of their journeys show us the simplicity of trust in the dynamic power of the Word of God. They were “vessels of the Holy Spirit” simply because they believed the good news and faced into the winds of adversity with assurance that they were called by God.

Their testimonies point to a simple fact that is ours to claim and enjoy today: Confessing Jesus as Lord is at the heart of a growing faith. The word “confession” means “to declare the same” or “to declare together”, so when we share in Communion on August 13th and celebrate the baptisms of new believers on August 20th, we continue the witness Jesus sends into the world. And that same confession is a daily part of our response to the gracious gift of God. It’s a simple way we can respond to God with our own words. To confess, very simply, “Jesus is LORD of my life and the Shepherd of my soul” is a key to keeping our focus on what matters most.

In the adventures of ordinary people being filled with the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts we see the fulfilment of God’s promise centuries earlier through Jeremiah, when He said:

“I will put the fear of me in their hearts, that they may not turn from me. I will rejoice in doing them good, and I will plant them in this land in faithfulness, with all my heart and all my soul.
(Jeremiah 32:40-41)

With the rushing mighty wind of the Holy Spirit, lifting the hearts of people into faithful service, God gave us a portrait in the Book of Acts of living in a new “land”, a good land, a place of spiritual growth and vitality. That’s the land He offers us today, as we take new steps of faith together.

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